What Our Patients Say?

  • 1.   We visited Art Eyes after recommendations of our Doctor in Lucknow. My child got operated for retinoblastoma and was using readymade artificial eye. We got Art Eye made by Sachin Gupta in may 2011. We are really thankful for the work he did for my child. My child’s eye look normal and nobody knows about his artificial eye in our relation and in his classroom. He is so humble and polite we never felt uncomfortable while discussion on my child’s case with him. God Bless him.

    -Prateek Srivastav,
  • 2.    Hello Doctor,
    I want to share my experience with you. After getting cosmetic shell from you I feel very confident now and no one can tell that I have any problem in my eyes. Its almost 9 years knowing you and I am very blessed to have you taking care of me. I will be visiting you soon and this time with my very special person.

    -Pratika Vyas,
  • 3.    I visited you recently for my son’s prosthetic eye which he initially got from Hyderabad. We found the one which you made for him looks very natural and unnoticeable. I am sending you his pictures for you and also a painting which he made for you. Thanks for your care.

    -Rajendra Singhal,
  • 4.    We highly recommend Art Eyes during our follow-up visits in AIIMS. My son has been seeing you since he was 3. He is now 12. The whole staff of Art eyes has always been soon nice and always making sure what every patient gets best service. The are very talented and we are very grateful for their services. Thank you very much for what you have done for my Son.

    -Sarfaraj Khan,
  • 5.    Sir, I & my husband don’t feel you are a doctor, you are actually an artist who craft an artificial eye so beautifully like an artist. We noticed you many times so much engaged in your work like you love your work as a passionate. We are happy to have you in Delhi for the prosthesis.

  • 6.    We were referred by a doctor here in PGI, Chandigarh to see ocularist at Art Eyes. We got an custom artificial eye made from them. Simply great work, clean place, close to janakpuri metro station and most importunately very helpful staff at the clinic. We are very happy and impressed with the result. Highly recommend him.

    -Kuldeep Singh,
  • 7.    Dear Doctor, I was in hesitation to get work done from you since I got an artificial eye from Aligarh and I was happy with their work. But the 3D artificial eye which you made for me looks very lifelike. I even more happy after getting new eye from you. The best part is that now I don’t need to remove my artificial eye everyday. You really changed my life.
    Thank you…Thank you…..Thank you…..so much.

    -Kriti Agarwal,
  • 8.    Dear Sir,
    We want to share our daughter’s story with you. She was born with one small eye known as Microphthalmos. We did not know what is the treatment for that. We were recommended by one of very reputed institute to meet you for the same. You fitted a prosthetic eye in her left eye when she was already five. Prosthetic eye changed her life a lot. Initially she was very hesitant with the guests, her school friends etc. She was never interested in outdoor games and was not comfortable at shopping malls and in restaurants. I remember she used to say “Papa, he/she is looking at my eyes?” Now after using the prosthetic eye she feels nobody is looking or noticing her left eye. She became a different personality now, naughty & brat. My experience says the treatment you have given is not a cosmetic treatment rather it’s a psychological treatment. Thank you very much for everything.

    -Abhya Sharma,