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Ocular Prosthesis

An ocular prosthesis or artificial eye as its commonly known is an acrylic eye made after taking the impression of eye socket. This impression is converted into a master cast to form a dummy eye first. This dummy eye is tried in patient’s eye to check the size, shape, opening, lids contour & centration. Once the master cast is verified after the required modifications it is painted exactly according to patient’s other eye. After lamination & high grade polishing this is dispensed to the patient. It helps the one eyed patients to improve their cosmetic appearance.


Scleral Shell

A scleral shell is a thin prosthesis made for one eyed patients who have very less volume loss. Like in cases where patient has his/her own eye but its discolored and shrunk little bit as shown in the picture. A thin shell can be made & fitted over such eyes to save them from the surgery and provide them best cosmetic look.


Orbital Prosthesis

An orbital prosthesis is a prosthesis made of silicon and acrylic to cover larger defects. It includes artificial lids, skin, eye lashes and eye. It is made for the patients who has underwent Exoneration or has severe contracted socket.