Microphthalmia treatment in India


Microphthalmia (also called Small Eye Syndrome) is a condition in which one or both eyes are exceptionally small at birth, while Anophthalmia is the absence of one or both eyes at birth. These uncommon disorders grow through pregnancy and can be related to other birth deficiencies.
We pride ourselves in being expert of Microphthalmia treatment in India. With due coarse of time Art Eyes has developed a treatment plan for such cases which is customized with the age of presentation of the patient. We prefer to start the treatment as soon as possible after examination of paediatrician& ophthalmologist. In most of the cases the best time to start the treatment is 6 weeks of age. In very first visit we fit a small size conformer in the eye to manage the unwanted turn of eyelids. Then sooner the process start for expansion of socket. Slowly & progressively enlargement of the conformer helps in maintain the small eye and it reaches the same size as natural eye and at last both eyes looks similar.
A case of 3 month old girl who was diagnosed Right eye Congenital Microphthalmos. She was referred to us for management of microphthalmos.We started her treatment with series of conformers which were gradually increased with the time and her age. We were able to fit a custom Art Eye in her right eye to match the size, shape & color so that she look normal at her age of 11 months.